Melanie Marris, Eyebrow Stylist and Beauty Industry Pioneer.

Carefully crafting the success of a global group of boutique eyebrow salons, launching world-class professional trade technique training virtually, and founding Brow Code, makers of the best brow products on earth, has taken 18 years of dedication, focus, and loving attention from Melanie.

Proof of her decades of style leadership are evident from training 10,000 professional stylists and getting amazing quality Brow Code products to 35,000 salons worldwide. While today Melanie, Brow Code, and the Melanie Marris Eyebrow Stylist method lead the world in brow styling, this wasn’t built overnight.

The company Melanie Marris Eyebrow Stylist started from humble beginnings in Perth in Western Australia. Ms. Marris left school at the age of 15, with no background in business or fashion, to pursue her dream of success in the beauty world. With her eyes set firmly on someday making her mark in the US, she enrolled in a Beauty Therapy diploma program. By age 16, certificate in hand, she was working hard in the aesthetics industry to learn all the tricks of the trade. While perfecting each of the services offered by salons, Melanie discovered that restyling women’s eyebrows transformed how women look at themselves in just 30 minutes. 

Along her rising path, Melanie has pioneered new beauty and business concepts. By shifting the business model to a focus on single-service brow sculpt, Melanie transformed a standardized express beauty add-on service into a focused premium boutique experience. With great confidence that she would have success, Melanie opened MMES, her first salon, in Perth, Australia in 2012, offering her signature MM Brow.

Early clients discovered the best of all worlds: At the end of a short appointment clients walked out the door feeling special. Melanie has worked tirelessly since those early days to create an exceptional level of quality in everything she does and in everything her businesses deliver. 18 months later Melanie opened her headquarters in Bayswater Perth and expanded her team of talented stylists dedicated to delivering the Melanie Marris styling method.

Melanie has worn every hat in the business: stylist, financial manager, people manager, strategist, business promoter, creative mastermind, receptionist, instructor, mentor, and everything else in between. Using this versatility Melanie has grown the original MMES business concept in a number of directions expanding the brand nationally and internationally and adding product sales and training services as well.

The services and results provided by MMES studios and showcased across social media caught the attention of more than Melanie’s clients. Professional stylists expressed their urgent desire to learn her specialized craft, so that they could share the MMES crisp sleek style with their clients too. In 2017, MMES expanded into education services offering Virtual Brow Masterclass, providing instruction and certification to beauty pros across the globe in the MM Brow method.

As she developed the MM Brow method, Melanie found that the available styling products on the professional market couldn’t fully achieve the results she had in her mind’s eye. The result of Melanie’s curiosity, ingenuity, and her pursuit of quality led to the birth in 2017 of Brow Code, the premier manufacturer and distributor of professional eyebrow styling products. 

Tracing an upward trend, Melanie Marris has steadily developed her personal creative craft, launched the service of MMES studios, created educational solutions for beauty professionals and released the world’s first dedicated eyebrow product line with Brow Code.

through Brow Code products, or with exclusive Melanie Marris content, and experience the perfection in yourself.

Melanie Marris Eyebrow Stylist, is globally renowned in the art of eyebrow styling, which continues to spark
the interest of many global media outlets across the world.

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